Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I believe education is something every artist must continue

So it's not very often that I like to post things that I am learning. I just finished a class with Bobby Chui online at Schoolism.com. It is a brilliant class. I had never digitally painted before this. I have been strictly very vector art so this is me fully exposed in a new medium....don't be to hard :(.

Assignment 1 - wow this is bad it was really hard to not describe things with one line!
Assignment Two - This one turned out Great! I got a 5/5 on this one I was pretty Proud
Assignment 3 - This one again was tricky
Assignment 4 - getting harder!
Assignment 5 - this one ws fun!
Assignment 6 -I liked this one! I did really well on this one as well! 5/5Assignment 7 - This one was more in my element I got a 5/5Assignment 8 & 9 - This one was hard but fun. I haven't got a grade yet


MR. NICK said...

All of these pieces are really strong, Jen. Fanatstic work! I especially love the cowboys.

Jennifer Pollack said...

Thanks Nick! It was hard but sooo worth it I learned so much.