Monday, April 30, 2007

Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo 2007

Was Fantastic!
This was the first year that I had a booth. Having a booth gave me a whole new appreciation for our craft. I was very lucky to get a chance to Mingle with, Stephen Silver, Patrick Morgan, Humberto Ramos, , Joe Pekar, Bobby Chui,Tony Bancroft, Robert Picardo.....and more

Stephen Silver
Patrick Morgan-His friendly nature never ceases to amaze me. So talents so down to earth.
Humberto Ramos- On Friday at Coco brooks we got to chat. As always I am impressed with Ramos. Fantastic artist and great person. Great to Chat again!
Jose Lopez - I sat next to him during dinner and was able to chat like old friends. We had a booth across from each other, this year so we got to chat quit a bit. He is a super friendly guy. Thanks again for the sketch book!
Bobby Chui & Kei Acedera - Two brilliant Painters. So willing to help. I look forward to Bobby's online class this summer.
Tony Bancroft- What an amazing carrier this man has had. we talked for a while and found a mutual friend "Uncle Bill" I will tell him you say hello in my next e-mail.
Joe Pekar - I got his naughty Girl sketch book this year. He is a fantastic artist and a very approachable person. With a great sense of humor.
Robert Picardo - One of the most friendly actors I have ever meet. He was so comfortable and just EXTREMELY normal. Eating Pizza with everyone else. It was fantastic.

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