Saturday, April 28, 2007

Small Prints for Comic Con 2007

Background Art
Fantasy Art
Voice picture Game
Concept art Logo for a small town in Alberta

Designs for a Puma (oil)Avatar!


Mike.Gauss said...

cool stuff Jenn !

Jennifer Pollack said...


alpha wolf said...

Can I ask how you create these? I'm not that artistically inclined so I could never do anything like his but I would love to see how you did it.

Jennifer Pollack said...

Hi Alpha Wolf

I have a few differnt ways of doing it
First I always do a drawing on paper with a blue col-erase. I then scan it in ( this is what the wizard or the trees is a blue line scan)
If I need to do a number of characters I will draw in ball point pen to get them out quick and rough for a huge variety.
Then I ink the drawings in one of 4 differnt ways. I do it by hand with a mechanical pencil ( taditional animation style) or by hand with a inking pen or marker. I would then scan it in.
I some times in using a vector program Flash, or toon boom. I find it harder to get a nice line quality in these programs you relly have to work it to get a variety in you line weight.
I like to use photo shop and use my cintiq to get nice lines that look hand drawin but take WAY LESS time and if I make a mistake I dont have to start over.

I then use Photo shop or toon boom to color them!

Hope that helps!