Friday, May 31, 2013

I've arrived in Toronto

Taking the bus from Winnipeg to Toronto was probably not the best idea. 5 days later and I'm still soar. However I met some wonderful people. I wanted to post more often, however my focus is to learn as much as I can. The first week was spent retraining my brain to think in terms of squares. More difficult than you might think.

Thierry has been an amazing instructor and great hostess. Every day we are learning so many things. He has taken us to many places. Today we went to Pacific Mall. On Sunday we are getting a tour of Toronto.

The first day we had an amazing lecture with Bobby Chui, Via Skype Live from Paris. During this class Bobby spoke on making an image viral. At the end of the day we had to paint something, Just to see where we were at, and see if we could make a viral image.
On the second and third day we were given a cube lecture. We learned how to draw with form and not lines. Using this method we drew the cars, and painted them using planes. An Incredibly useful tool.

In the Evening we went to the Imaginism Studio, we had a tour of the AMAZING space. The studio has an incredible collection of original artwork. We had the honor of having a lecture on oils from Peter Chan. There are no words to describe his talent. We were given a look at his upcoming gallery show.

Today we did a lesson in Rhythm and base tones as well as Contrast, no lighting yet. We studied Bougereau's Paintings. That is out home work for the weekend. This cube was painted from a photo in 30 mins, no eye dropper just comparing

 Lastly a little sketch for you.

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