Monday, September 11, 2006

On line coloring book published! Planes and things that fly!

Hey There!
So a online coloring book I did a while back was finally published!
you can try a demo at
These Guys were awesome to work for!
My book is coloring book 12!
if you have kids this is a fun way to teach them how to use a simple paint program!


heri said...

hey jenn! i still have to draw you. :) I told you i drew you I wasn't satisfy with it. so I'll get around to drawing you again. Mmm.. however the last computer I had crash and I had your pictures save, can you send me a link e-mail some of your photos?


oh, also I'm working at liquid generation studios.

Jennifer Pollack said...

Hey Heri!

No worries I atill have to draw your as well. :(

Things have been a little crazy.

Congrats ont he job that is awesome!

heri said...

thanks Jenn. :)