Friday, June 23, 2006


A Caricature of me! to use in my profiles!!


Pierre FIHUE said...

Nice characture ! I don't know you but even if it doesn't look like you, I like this drawing.

Jennifer Pollack said...

Thanks pierre!

It looks like me. At least when I wear my glasses that is. :) I look like a little kid I know!! But hey when I am 40 and still getting ID it will be all good! :)

Ryan G. said...

Hey Jen, great stuff! Thanks for cruisin by my blog. Hopefully in a couple years ill be jammin out work in the animation industry just like you.. later Ryan

Ryan G. said...
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Jennifer Pollack said...

Thanks Ryan

I am sure you will be working in the industry soon. I havent been doing it for to long. But I work with a great bunch of people who I learn a tun from!

Where do you want to work?

I would like to be at nickelodeon, or klasky csupo. We all have dreams :)

Ryan G. said...

Well Jen, I would love to work for John K. @ Spumco.. I dont know if there is much work there now.. Other than that, im going to school for 3d animation so possibly in that realm.. What did you start out doing at your job? storyboards? cleanup? Canada has a lot of studios right?

Jennifer Pollack said...

Hey Ryan

My first Job was At Bardel in Vancouver as an assistant animator, then was a clean up artist, then every job since then was character design or animation. I have done a lot of story boarding, and preproduction as well.
Right now I do alot f 3d modeling and animating. In Calgary you need to know alot of things cause the studios are still really small!

Paridhi said...

hey jennifer,
u r blog is nice and from ur conversation with ryan g. i got to know that u got a good opening in the animation field.
well about me , i have a great interest in animation pre-production...especially character and bg design..u can see my work on my blog.
nice to meet u..just keep in touch.

Jennifer Pollack said...

I will check it out!