Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What are you doing on April Fools Day!

On April 1st I will be taking part in my first Comic Jam. This is not the 24 hr Comic Jam. IT is a 12 hr Team Jam. I was asked to join a team here in Calgary. We are team Sketch Ninja ( not my choice) . So after saying I wont dress as a Ninja. We are all going to be wearing black! The site for this event is http://comicsjamwar.com/. There will be a Story onthe News About it that night! So Right nowI am doing preperation for this event. So all other out of work projects are on hold till next week.


craig said...

hey Jennifer thanks for stoppin by me ol blog. Have a blast at the comics jam!

Jennifer Pollack said...

Your Welcome craig! I love your work it is great!