Thursday, February 02, 2006

Hey Everyone

I was checking out the art blogs in my book marks this morning
( something I do at least 4 times a week) and I went on this blog:
And to my surprise he had posted me under
How cool is that to be recognized.
It is worth it to check out the other blogs in there as well.
Some Great stuff.
Thanks John
Things have been really busy at work.
And looking for a publisher in Calgary.
And trying to catch up on commissions.
I will post A bunch of stuff tonight.
Keep coming back and post comments!! And if you have to constructive critism only please!!
If you do not like my work you do not have to look at it! (Slitherin)
The Portfolio site is put on hold again :( I need to find a
Programmer to do it for me, it hurts my brain.


Virginia Valle said...

:),Yes he is very kind

my name is not mom for the next 5 min said...

Wow that is cool that your posted I checked it out some neat stuff there. and I love your Gramps he is very cool!, I wanted to know the names of the book or books your have worked on. if you have time great e-mail me.

Jennifer Pollack said...

The book is called "what a turkey" It isnt going to be available in canada or english for the matter for a year or so! The other 2 I am working on are my own and there is no name yet! I dont want to get to excited about it. Since I still have yet to find a childrends book publisher in calgary! I found one but it is a christian publisher and the monsters I dont think would go over to well :( we will see I meet with them as soon as I finish the rough draft!